Primary School

We are currently offering classes up to Grade 5.

Fees structure

Application fees:                                  US$30.00

Non-refundable Enrollment Fee      US$550.00


Monthly                                                  US$350.00

Termly                                                     US$950.00

Yearly                                                       US$2,700.00

Application Form

Required supporting documents(to be attached to form)

  • Transfer document once available
  • Copy of learner’s Final progress report once available
  • Copy of learner’s latest progress report
  • Copy of learner’s Birth Certificate/ID document
  • Copy of learner’s Vaccination records
  • Copy of learner’s Vaccination record if available
  • Copy of learner’s Residence/Study Permit, if Foreign
  • Copy of Parents/Legal Guardians’ ID Documents
  • Completed Aftercare Application if applicable