Why Choose Us

High Standards of Discipline
Our guiding principles of “Kuvimbika, Hunhu, Kuzvipira” shall drive the expected behavior from our children. These principles entail the development of a disciplined child with integrity, positive behavior and courage, which are part of the the key attributes of success in life.

Positive Learning Environment
We shall endeavor to maintain a friendly learning environment at all times; exemplified by open student participation in class, open communication channels, exemplary teacher behavior, culture of inclusivity and respect amongst teachers and students, and engaging classroom set-ups with relevant pictures and artifacts. The circular design of the classrooms encourages children to appreciate communal or a sense of shared existence, which encourages inclusivity and respect of each other.

Low Student Teacher Ratio
Our classes shall have a low pupil to teacher ratio. We will not have more than 25 children in a single class while each class will have a class teacher and an assistant.

Secure Environment
We value and shall not betray the confidence the parents have shown in entrusting us with their children. The safety of the children is at the center of everything we do. A code of conduct in place regulates children behavior towards each other, while children will be constituted against bad practices like bullying. Children will not be allowed to loiter around unnecessarily and will be closely monitored by the teacher on duty and by school prefects. Teachers will continue to look after children during pick-up time to avoid unauthorized exit. As part of measures to protect children from abuse, we only recruit people with integrity and right attitude.

We have put in place adequate road traffic control mechanisms for both inside and outside the school for the safety of school children.

Intimate Teacher -Student Relationship
At Acacia Junior School, we emphasize on smaller size classes that enhance student attention by their teachers. This guarantees better student development by addressing each student’s strengths and weaknesses timely.

A focused curriculum and excellent teaching
Our approach to teaching is driven by the desire to develop children who will be the cornerstones of the development of our society. Our curriculum is aimed at not only achieving academic excellence but developing children who are well mannered, confident, inquisitive and resilient as guided by the following three pillars;

Academic Excellence
Children will be taught to gain a good grounding in the relevant fields like mathematics, languages, sciences, and art. The knowledge would support easy child development at higher levels of learning.

Skills Development
This pillar focuses on developing skills in creativity, critical thinking, critiquing, communicating, and listening. We promote these skills at a tender age as they are necessary for future development of children as they grow up.

Behavior and Attitude
At Acacia Junior School, we aim to develop children with a high sense of making right choices between wrong and right. The school produces well mannered children, very respectful of others and inclusive in their attitudes.

A committed and caring staff
Our teaching and non-teaching staff is careful selected to ensure we have the right people in the school, who take good care of the children at all times.