Currently, places are available for both ECD A and ECD B.  The age requirements are as follows:

ECD A; 2012 July to 2013 June

ECD B; 2011 July to 2012 June

Application Process

To apply for a place at Acacia Junior School, an application fee of $30 is required. The applicant is given a form(at bottom of page) to fill which should be returned to the school. When an acceptance letter has been granted, a non refundable enrollment fee of $550 should be paid to the school.

2017 Promotion!!!;  The first 100 students to enroll do not pay the non-refundable enrollment fee($550). A deposit of $200 towards fees is payable to the school instead.

School fees

Monthly                       US$300.00(paid in advance by or on the 1st  of every month)

Termly                         US$800.00(paid in advance at the beginning of each term)

Yearly                           US$2,300.00

Application Form

Required supporting documents(to be attached to form)

  • Transfer document once available
  • Copy of learner’s Final progress report once available
  • Copy of learner’s latest progress report
  • Copy of learner’s Birth Certificate/ID document
  • Copy of learner’s Vaccination records
  • Copy of learner’s Vaccination record if available
  • Copy of learner’s Residence/Study Permit, if Foreign
  • Copy of Parents/Legal Guardians’ ID Documents
  • Completed Aftercare Application if applicable